Decompression 2018


November 3, 2018
5 PM - 12 AM


The Steel Yard
27 Sims Ave
Providence, RI 02909


Theme • AYE, ROBOT

Our modern 21st century lives are awash in information. Many of our waking moments are spent buffeted on all sides by interruptions, notifications and alerts. Algorithmically directed content pulls us in like a current and we are swept away on streams of data, processing as much as we can all while bailing out buckets of metadata about our online selves. We are adrift in this modern digital information ocean, and here there be pirates!

Your digital self is a vessel set sail in international waters, navigating the trade winds and shipping lanes of an online ocean. Along the way you may encounter friendly ships offering trade and adventure, or a swashbuckling bot looking to plunder! Can you resist the siren's clickbait song? Does the smiling smuggler offer riches or a Trojan? Are you yourself in search of safe harbor, or maybe the pirate’s bay? In all this is your device a sail or an anchor?

Yarr! Come one, come all, ye robots and pirates alike! Climb aboard ye corsairs and cyborgs, buccaneers and bots, privateers and proxies, scallywags, SCARAs, bio-mechanical mermaids, Blackbeard and Bender! On Saturday November 3rd, the Steel Yard in Providence be our port o’ call for high seas adventure! So fly the Jolly Roger and release the kraken v2.0, but avast, be sure to correctly identify ye captcha phrase and join our crew for Boston Decompression 2018: Aye, Robot!

YOH0 H00 1100 1001...




Tickets are now open! Dress for the theme, or a theme all your own. All tickets are available for online purchase.

  • Current ticket price: $30 plus fees

  • Aye, Robot Booty tickets are available for $40 plus fees. These tickets are for those who have a few extra dollars to support Boston Decompression.

  • Anyone who is inclined to gift a ticket is encouraged to do so. Buy a ticket for a friend, or make a new friend by gifting a ticket!

  • Everyone needs a ticket for entry, and there are a limited number of lower-priced tickets available for artists, musicians, performers, and volunteers who need a discounted ticket. Please see the full ticketing policy at the Eventbrite link for the lower-priced ticket information and link.

  • Tickets are refundable until 7 days before Boston Decompression. Requests for refunds after that date will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Decompression is planned and run entirely by volunteers - please help make this awesome event happen by signing up for a volunteer shift. Volunteers receive an event patch, early access to buy tickets, and more perks just for lending a hand.


Get Involved!


Art Grants

Artists and performers can submit their art for Placement at Decompression 2018 by filling out the Placement form.  

The art grant submission window has closed.

Art Placement

Bring your art to Decompression! Tell us about the art you are submitting in the linked form. Art transportation is available for Boston based art. If you are applying for an art grant, you do not need to fill out this form, only the art grant form. Due to permitting constraints we cannot accept any more fire art submissions.


The submission period for music has closed.


All performances are welcome to submit an idea: aerialists, circus performers, belly dancers, interactive performances, and any others you dream up. Some performers may need to secure their own personal insurance and we are no longer accepting fire performance applications. Please email us (performance at blackrockeast dot com) your idea!


Boston Decompression After Party!

@ The Reliquarium

Big news! Boston Decompression is working with the amazing artist & stage design collective at The Reliquarium to host an after party for Boston Decompression 2018: Aye, Robot! The after party will be a short 15 minute drive from the Steel Yard to the amazingly adorned live/work artist studio and private gathering space, The Reliquarium! This is a private event open to Boston Decompression: Aye Robot attendees but you will need to buy a separate ticket for the after party. Space for the after party is limited, so buy your ticket now! The after party is 21+ and there will be dancing, music, art and fun times running from midnight to 4 AM. Please be sure to show The Reliquarium the respect this amazing space deserves. Obnoxious or bad behavior and obvious intoxication will not be tolerated. This is sure to be an amazing time capping off an amazing Boston Decompression weekend!

Space and tickets are limited to a fraction of the capacity of our main event, so if you are interested, we recommend you buy a ticket now. Tickets are $13 plus fees, no refunds. Additionally, we will have free tickets to the after party available for volunteers who help with main event breakdown! Please sign up to volunteer for breakdown on the volunteer signup sheet above.


About the Event


Annually since 2009, the Boston Burning Man Community comes together and creates a Burning Man Decompression event filled with art, music, and welcoming faces. Open to all, Decompression shows the creativity, energy, and inclusive ethos inherent in Burning Man culture.

Each year, the event choose a theme and encourages participants with the theme. Art and performance adorn the evening, showcasing local and regional artists, and offer a glimpse inside Boston Burning Man community.



Local theme camps are invited to bring the flavor of the community to life at Decompression. Musical artists, artists, makers, and participants all gather together for a night of revelry and an experience in self-expression.


Art & Music

Art of all variety is found in the New England Burner community. Participatory experiences, music, sculpture, and performance are all a part of Burning Man culture and this event.