Burning Man

Black Rock City, Nevada


What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is a week-long event that happens annually in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Black Rock City, as it is known once inhabited, is the largest impermanent city in the world at over 80,000 persons, with infrastructure, roadways, radio, and art literally everywhere the eye can see. Set in the harshest of climates, the Black Rock Desert requires those that make the pilgrimage pack everything they need into the event and everything the brought back out. In the name of creativity, freedom of expression, and radical inclusion, the efforts are worth it, and the community that emerges is simply best to experience rather than explain.

Black Rock East helps NorthEast Region burners ship their essentials to the Playa on container trucks delivered to the Boston Hive, the major camp collective out of the NorthEast.


10 Principles

In no particular order, the 10 Principles of Burning Man:

  • Communal Effort

  • Civic Responsibility

  • Leaving No Trace

  • Participation

  • Immediacy

  • Radical Inclusion

  • Gifting

  • Decommodification

  • Radical Self-reliance

  • Radical Self-expression



Going to Burning Man?

If you still need to get your supplies to the Playa, check out the Burner Truck information to get yourself some container shares.