To promote, coordinate and assist the development of projects, ideas and events that stimulate and support the growth of the greater Boston burner community, while increasing awareness and application of Burning Man’s Ten Principles.


Black Rock East Organization

Black Rock East is an LLC comprised of a volunteer board who are artists, event planners, and project collaborators. The organization grew directly out of the annual Boston Decompression event and it's group of volunteer planners.

The Black Rock East organization donates 10% of net proceeds to Burners Without Borders - a community-led NGO which initiates civic works projects and disaster relief efforts in local communities globally. In addition, BRE annually donates funding to local art and community initiatives through art grants and events. The art grant program comprises 20-25% of Boston Decompression's annual budget.


The Operating Board

  • Terry Dovidio

  • Eve Pogoda

  • Jeremy Alliger

  • Steve Dow

  • Nick Figueiredo

  • Nick Amento

  • Catherine Sauer