Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White

Welcome to Black Rock East

Written by Fig on Wednesday, 01 July 2015.

Black Rock East (BRE) is an LLC comprised of an all volunteer board who are artists, event planners and project collaborators. The organization grew directly out of the annual Boston Decompression event, and it's group of volunteer planners.

BRE provides grants for local artists through an art grant system that is 20-25% of Boston Decompression's annual budget, and BRE donates 10% of net proceeds to Burners Without Borders - a community-led NGO which initiates civic works projects and disaster relief efforts in local communities globally. In addition, BRE annually donates funding to local art and community initiatives.

BRE Mission Statement:

To promote, coordinate and assist the development of projects, ideas and events that will stimulate and support the growth of the greater Boston burner community, while increasing awareness and application of Burning Man’s Ten Principles.


About the Boston Decompression Event:

In 2009 the Boston burner community came together with the intent of hosting an official local Burning Man Decompression that was open to all. Since then this event has been held annually each Fall in the greater Boston area providing a showcase for local and regional art and performance, demonstrating the creativity, energy and inclusive ethos that is innate in the local Boston Burning Man community.

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Past Boston Decompression 'Art Themes' by Year:Al Conant's Photo Booth Mimesis 2015 Butterfly

  • 2008 - Creation @ Red Tail (Boston)
  • 2009 - Pandemic @ Club Therapy (Providence, RI)
  • 2010 - Cloud 9 @ Club Therapy (Providence, RI)
  • 2011 - Souled Out @ Wonderland Ballroom (Revere)
  • 2012 - Conspiracy 2.0 @ Who’s On First? (Boston)
  • 2013 - Subterranean @ Who’s On First? (Boston)
  • 2014 - The Lost City @ Who’s On First? (Boston)
  • 2015 - Mimesis @ Who’s On First? (Boston)

Photos from Al Conant's portrait booth at 2015 Mimesis!

Photos from Al Conant's portrait booth at 2014 The Lost City!

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