Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White


Mimesis Counterfeits and Impostors!

We need YOUR photos to help us determine the size and scale of this counterfeit-impostor operation! Please SEND YOUR PHOTO TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Watch out for these confirmed counterfeits and impostors: 

Impostor photo send in from Cuba!

We first became aware of a potential counterfeit operation when Homeland Security tipped us off to some strange online activity originating out of Cuba. After having an individual send us an authentication photo we realized we were dealing with a true fraud.

Counterfeit ticket held by a cat!

It wasn’t until we got another confirmed case, this time right in the metro-Boston area involving a counterfeit ticket in the possession of a cat, that we realized we may have a much bigger problem on our hands.

We are now facing a substantial cyber-security threat with the infiltration of bots! They pretend to be real people in order to fool our ticketing system.

Go buy your TICKETS before the bots get them all!!!

Real human or BOT?

On Halloween night there was more fiendish activity! We thought that ghosts and ghouls were only a representation of our imagination. Is this the real thing?

A "real" ghoul?

Just when we were getting a handle on who we could trust, a betrayal from our nearest neighbor to the north! Many wonderful Canadian friends have participated in Boston Decompression, but is this one a true friend, or truly a frenemy?

Northern Exploiter

Ticket scarcity! -- Wow, that didn't take long! Mimesis presale tickets just SOLD OUT, and there are already hucksters and frauds about peddling genuine counterfeits! Don't be like this imposter, you still have a chance to get in to Mimesis. There will be a LIMITED number of tickets available at the door for $30. So get there EARLY! Doors are at 7 PM!

Ticket Scarcity

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