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Welcome!  This is the home of the Boston Burning Truck, also known as the Container Truck project.  The latest updates and announcements can be found here.


Dates, Info and Online Share Sales Announced!

Next Round of Share Sales in April Will be Online Only

On-line sales of container shares will start on April 8 at 12:05 pm EST (5 minutes past noon).

The container load in and load out will take place in or near Boston. The load date will be Sunday, August 10th. The unload date will be Saturday September 13th. The containers will arrive on playa around August 20th, and need to re-packed for pickup by September 2nd. You will be able to remove or repack your goods anytime during that period. The containers are usually not far from the Esplanade so they will be easy to find. More details such as the load in and load location and times, location on the playa etc. will be announced by early June.


To simplify share allotment, the 'Bike' share has been eliminated and the 'Individual' size share is the substitute. If you are shipping just a bike, then just and Individual' size share is needed. If you are shipping a bike and some totes then two or more Individual size shares are needed. Scroll further down for share size and cost information as well as examples of tote sizes.


The purchase of shares will require a credit card.


The link to purchase share(s) is:

Ignore the event date, it is the date ticket sales end, not the date of the container load.

In the event that the share size you wanted sells out we are collecting information that can be used to understand the demand. That poll can be found here:
Responding to the poll does not mean you have a share on the container nor does it represent an agreement that there will be an attempt to add an additional container to meet any demand nor is it a reservation in the event a container is added. Once any additional demand is known, we can share this with the community and review options. 


Information on Share Sizes and More:

Full, 100 cubic feet =$450
Half, 50 cubic feet =$230
Individual/Bike, 10 cubic feet =$55

The cubic feet measurement is the space your load takes up, not the amount that can be stored inside your containers. The means for each container/package you take the longest length (L), width (W) and height (H) measurement (each rounded up to the nearest inch) to use in the cubic foot calculation. Having all your measurements in inches it’s then L x W x H / 1728 (cubic foot in inches).

Some examples for common containers used for shipping are shown below along with their measurements. You aren’t limited to these containers but the examples should help with your shopping for others as well as understanding how to measure your load.


Container examples:
13 *13 *23 = 3887    2.3 cubic feet
28 * 17 * 13 = 6188    3.6 cubic feet
22 * 16 * 13 =  4576    2.7 cubic feet
31 *21 * 15 =  9765    5.7 cubic feet

Not really recommended but if you must
26 * 17 * 16 =  7072    4 cubic feet

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First Round of Container Sales CLOSED

Next Round to Open in Early April

The first round of container sales has CLOSED!  The next round of sales will be in early April. Announcements of sale will be made here and on the Boston Burner Facebook site:  

And on the Boston Burner announce and discussion lists:

Written by: FiG