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Are you ready for THE LOST CITY?

Last minute details!

Explorers - the day is nigh! Soon, we shall gird and equip ourselves for the perilous journey ahead.  A few important things to remember before you make your way into THE LOST CITY:

  • The journey begins at Who’s on First, 19 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215. Nearest T station will be Kenmore, on the Green Line

  • Bring a jacket or coat for exploration of outdoor space. Current weather predictions say it may get below 40-degrees (F). Coat racks (unsupervised) will be provided

  • Doors open at 7pm, the outside area (garage and alley) close at 1am, the inside bar/club area will close at 2 am

  • Bring your ticket - either in print or on your phone

  • Bring your ID: 21+ state Driving license, ID card or Passport

There will be a limited number of tickets available for sale at the door. Those tickets will be $25 each, first come first served.

Additionally, remember that your pre-sale ticket is transferable if you would like it to be passed to another traveler, but only up until it is scanned at the door.

Should you seek refreshment, we are happy to announce that there will be a $5 grapefruit-vodka and tonic cocktail as well as all draft beer will be $5!

And lastly, but not least, we would LOVE to have your helping hands. Boston Decom 2014 is a participatory event, and in grand Burner tradition, we are still seeking volunteers. Please go here: or get in touch at the event.

See you among the ruins!

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Essential Info, Music and VJs of The Lost City

Good day fellow Explorers!  It’s They, here again to deliver some up-to-the-minute information on what to expect on this final leg of our journey. What an exciting time this is, for tomorrow, we enter THE LOST CITY!

Immediately upon entering we shall encounter first-hand a wondrous musical culture. Drums, rhythm, melody and harmony and a particularly enchanting delight known as bass, all delivered by some very gifted denizens. I have obtained a copy of the musical proceedings for the evening to show you here:

Indoor Bar/Club Stage (open 7pm - 2am)

7-8 Dick Winter

8-9 Augur

9-10 Keith Mattar

10-11 vinyl blight

11-12 Rob Ticho

12-1 DJ Funktor

1-2 DJ Gary Carlow

Garage Stage (open 8pm - 1am)

8-9 Parzer x Lychee

9-10 Lucid Gamma

10-11 Phibonacci

11-12 DAT Bounce

12-1 Jeff Mission

To complement these aural delights, each music performer will be accompanied by a very talented practitioner of the digital visual arts, known as a VJ. This wonderful band of artists shall include HallucinoJen, Theresa Silver, Parzer, Dewb, Chooch and Jeff Mission!

Now there are some formalities I have been asked to relay to you here:

  • Bring your ticket (printed paper copy or on your phone) - Still in need of a ticket? Go here:

  • Bring an ID to prove you are 21+: Massachusetts license, ID card or passport

  • Bring a jacket, it may get down to 40-degrees at night. There will be an unsupervised coat rack available

  • The city opens at 7pm and closes again at 2am, come early to experience it fully!

  • The location is within “Who’s on First?” at 9 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA 02215

  • The nearest T station is Kenmore on the Green line

I must say once again that in order to enter THE LOST CITY you will need to purchase passage in the form of a ticket. I have been told there are still some online tickets currently available, but that may not be the case shortly, so I must implore that you go straight away now and obtain your ticket here:

My sources tell me preparations for entering THE LOST CITY continue at all points around this region and we can expect at least one more communication before our time comes to pass. A most exciting time, very exciting indeed!

Happy Travels,


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New Explorers on the Search for THE LOST CITY!

Good Day fellow explorers. The time of our temporary city draws near, very soon THE LOST CITY will be FOUND! ...but it seems that we are not alone in our search. A publication called Boston Magazine has come out with an article this very morn, rife with clues. See for yourself:

Time is very much of the essence now as our adventures escalate. Please, secure your passage now while there is still time to do so: (Tickets)

Happy Travels,


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Burn Adventure Photos Needed for Slideshow Project

Send us your burn photos!

Did you take photos while out on adventure at burn events this year?

We are asking fellow explorers to contribute photo documentation of the adventures that were had at the various burns of this past year. Like last year, contributed photos will be compiled and arranged by our trusty guide Pretzel into the 2014 Decompression Photo Slideshow Project to be presented at THE LOST CITY. Photos may be from Burning Man itself or from one of the various regional burns like Firefly, Playa del Fuego, Frostburn, Transformus, or other related event. So rustle up those pictures and send them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Look for the slideshow at THE LOST CITY on Saturday, November 8th.

To get tickets to the event go here:


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THE LOST CITY | 2014 Art and Music Announcement!

Purchase Passage Straight Away!

THE LOST CITY | 2014 Art and Music Announcement!

Just four days remain until Boston Decompression 2014: THE LOST CITY! Buy your ticket here:

On Thursday Boston Magazine will be publishing an article featuring the Boston Decompression event happening this weekend!  It is very important that you beat the rush and buy your tickets before 8am Thursday.

Once you have your ticket, get ready to explore the frontiers of sound with these performers:

  • DJ Funktor (San Francisco/Decadent Oasis, fresh off the Unimog)
  • vinyl blight (Farewell(?) set from Boston’s dirtiest son)
  • DAT Bounce (GeishaComplex and Simex combine)
  • Phibonacci
  • Parzer x Lychee (Virtuality B2B)
  • Jeff Mission (Immersive video installation A/V set)
  • DJ Gary Carlow
  • Rob Ticho (Hailing from Burlington, VT)
  • Lucid Gamma
  • Dick Winter
  • Augur (Debut DJ set from Kate Van Rees)

In accordance with our civic ideals, THE LOST CITY is proud to have the talented women of our City performing in half of all the musical acts this year!

Plus, enjoy a density of visual delights unlike any other urban art environment. Experience again for the first time Boston's two big Burning Man 2014 installations, up close and personal: THE LOST CITY will feature 20 of the original 52 feet of Doug Ruuska & crew’s Cosmic Praise, Black Rock City 2014’s 6:00 keyhole centerpiece, and from deep playa, one hundred percent of the surviving ruins that are Arcus Clade Triumphum - The Arch of Triumph and Disaster by Helen McCarthy and the A.C.T. team.

THE LOST CITY will also feature a new video-drenched dance space from Jeff Mission and Video Bleep; an interactive photo booth by Al Conant; new and never-before-seen pieces from Finn McCool, Nathan Lachenmeyer, Sadiya Carr, Theresa Silver, Adam Brandon, Diana Levy, Kye Ball, and Sean Manton; as well as returning favorites from Ecco Pierce, Max Eskin, Brian Neltner, The Totenkitten Empire, Camp Lamp, Ground is Lava, and many more!

Get your ticket to THE LOST CITY here:



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What's your favorite "Lost City" tale or legend?

Tis All Hallow’s Eve!  Today I thought I’d enlighten you all with tale from the most ancient Pedia of all Wiki’s to help inspire you for this weekend’s Lost City: 

Helike was an ancient Greek city that sank at night in the winter of 373 BCE. The city was thought to be legend until the turn of this century, when it was rediscovered in the Helike Delta (I’m surprised no one thought to look there). 

In 1995 a building was excavated in an area, now known as the Klonis site, and a large Roman building with standing walls was brought to light. The city itself was officially rediscovered in 2001 buried in an ancient lagoon.

Fascinating no? It makes you wonder what other mysteries are hiding just beneath the surface.  Find out November the 8th, and be sure to purchase passage straight away: - you are not going to want to miss this.

Happy Travels,


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Your Guide to our Lost City - They

Good Day fellow explorers. I am a world famous explorer you do not know. I’ve been summoned here by the council of Black Rock East to be your guide as we bide our time until this temporary Lost City comes to pass. You can call me They.

I’ve been to all 4 corners of this world and seen many a strange and wonderful thing. I am enlivened about the prospect of a temporary Lost City emerging, from the depths of your imaginations, that will only exist in history for 1 night.

To follow along the entire journey, learn more about the plethora of unique sights and sounds that will emerge on the night of November 8th, 2014, be sure to follow us here, and on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, its of the utmost imperative you purchase passage into the city before there isn’t any room for you to participate.  

Happy Travels,


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We need YOU to Volunteer at Decompression 2014!

It will take many to build The Lost City

Boston is building The Lost City on November 8th and we need you to get down and dirty to help make it happen!

Help make this Boston's biggest and best Decompression. No matter who you are or what your skills may be—or how much time you may have—you can play an integral part in making this event an unbelievable success. 

We want YOU! If you're interested in participating in one or more of the below roles, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out this form and our friendly Volunteer Wranglers will get you sorted.

Set up:

Help us transform “Who's On First?” into The Lost City. This includes preparing and decorating the venue, unloading the art and gear trucks, as well as potentially assisting artists in setting up their installations. Transformation of the space will be an all-day affair, so every hand helps. (Time commitment: 3 hours or more prior to the event)


It's not just a "Burning Man" event because of those 10 Principles or all those eye-popping costumes. It's because everyone who enters Boston Decompression is welcomed with open arms—literally. Ok, hugs are entirely optional but if you want to play an active role in ensuring all participants feel as if they truly belong from the time they walk in, you will absolutely love being a Greeter. (Time commitment: 1 hour during the event)


If you love arranging the food on your plate or just like to play with your food, this job is for you. Our snack buffet table will feed carnivores and herbivores throughout the night, and we need individuals to help not only with setup, but replenishment throughout the evening. (Time commitment: 1–2 hours before event, or a 2 hour maintenance shift during the event)

Strike / Leave No Trace:

We set up and we break down—and leave everything better than we found it. Beginning at 1AM in the alley and in the garage, we need many organized hands to help take down all decor and installations, as well as heavy lifting hands to reload the art truck. Boston Decompression is a Leave No Trace event, so we also need hands to do MOOP/trash sweeps during breakdown. (Time commitment: 2-3 hours after the event)

Art Truck Load In - Friday evening:

Art Truck Unload - Sunday:

You love moving heavy things and you enjoy working up a sweat, but you can load and unload objects into a truck with the finesse of a world-class puzzle master. Help Friday evening, Sunday, or both days and party in between. Load in and unload will be at several stops in Boston and Somerville, so having your own transportation or a ride is necessary. (Time commitment: 2-4 hours on Friday evening, 2 hours on Sunday)

Fill out this form to get started!

Thanks for being awesome!

The Boston Decompression Volunteer Wranglers



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New Boston Decompression "The Lost City" Logo

New Boston Decompression

This excellent logo for The Lost City was created by local artist Andrea Huber! Thanks Andrea!

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Ticket Sales for "The Lost City" are Open!

Don't be left outside the city gates, get your ticket now!

TicketOn November 8th 2014, together we shall endeavor to rebuild The Lost City! Right now art pieces are being worked on, lights are being wired, circuit boards are being programmed, metal, wood and plastic are being cut, music is being prepared, costumes are being sown, moving trucks are being readied and deco projects are being prepped. You do not want to be left outside the city gates and miss this impressive feat of civil engineering. Ticket sales for Boston Decompression 2014: The Lost City are open. Follow the link below and get yours now!


Tickets here:


To sign up to volunteer at the event please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Join the event on Facebook:

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Call for Art and Music for Decompression 2014: The Lost City!

Attention all artists, music performers and creative types of all stripes. Boston Decompression needs your help to rebuild The Lost City! This is an official call for contributions of art, music and performance. Please fill out the appropriate online form(s) linked below to give our dedicated civic planners the information needed on what you would like to contribute to The Lost City.



(this may include visual art, any performance art and VJs or VJ installations)

Click here for Art Submission Form

Members from our Department of Civil Engineering will be in touch to discuss zoning and construction details, but if you have any questions or need to get in touch with them please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The deadline for art contribution submissions is Wed. October 29th.



(this may include bands, DJs and other music performers)

Click here for Music Submission Form

We hope to have you rock the ruins of The Lost City! Our masters of music are listening and will be in touch, but should you have any need to contact them please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The deadline for music contribution submissions is Wed. October 22nd.

Music selection notifications will begin going out by Sat. October 25th.


Ticketing information and ticket sales will be announced very soon and a separate call for volunteer help will also be sent out, but should you need to get in touch with our wonderful volunteer coordinators, they can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


More information about the Boston Decompression event can be found here at our website. ( For any additional decompression related questions or concerns please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We look forward to hearing what you will be contributing to Boston Decompression 2014: The Lost City!



Art and Music Crews

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Venue Visit Opportunity and Art Grants Deadline Extended

For prospective Decompression 2014 artists and our planning volunteers, we are excited to tell you that we have scheduled a venue visit and walkthrough. This is your opportunity to see the space in which your art will take shape. The walkthough visit will take place this Wednesday evening on October 8th (see details below).


Additionally, to help accommodate artists who are thinking of applying for an art grant, we are announcing that we have moved back the deadline for art grant submissions to Friday, October 10th at 11:59 pm.


We hope that all prospective artists and planning volunteers will be able to join us this Wednesday evening as we check out the space, brainstorm, work out logistics, explore and discuss art possibilities (and maybe enjoy a drink or two!) Hope to see you all there!


When: Wednesday October 8th. Please arrive by 7:45 at venue.

Where: “Who’s on First?” at 19 Yawkey Way, Boston



The 2014 Decompression Planning Committee

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Call For Art Grant Proposal Submissions!

Funding for Decompression Projects Now Available

Calling all artists! Boston Decompression is excited to announce that this year we will be distributing art grants to artists for Boston Decompression 2014! This is a big step forward for the event. The success of Boston Decompression in recent years and the support of our community has put us in a position to offer these grants. If you have an existing art piece that you would like to bring or an idea for a new project you would like to contribute to this year’s event, please fill out the online Boston Decompression art grant application form with the details of your proposal. The grants committee will be considering both proposals for new works and submissions of existing works of visual and performance art in any 2D or 3D medium. Work that is responsive to this year's theme ("The Lost City") or that helps to transform the space will be given extra consideration.


Grants will primarily fund the materials and consumables costs for artwork, and, potentially, transportation costs for art coming from outside the Boston area. The Decom Art Committee will work with Boston area artists to arrange shared transportation.


Here is the timeline for the art grants process:

  • Art Grant Submissions Open - Now!

  • Art Grant Submissions Due - Wednesday October 8th at 11:59 pm

  • Art Grant Recipients Notified of Their Selection - Monday October 13th, noon

  • All Art Grant Recipients must respond back within 24 hours of being notified of selection to confirm participation.

  • Complete art projects in preparation for Decompression.

  • 2014 Boston Decompression event - Saturday November 8th


If you are the recipient of an art grant, you will receive 75-percent of your grant amount upon confirmation and return of the signed contract within the 24-hour notification period. Funds will be transferred to the recipient via bank transfer unless arranged otherwise. The remaining 25-percent of the grant amount will be delivered to the recipient two weeks after the 2014 Decompression event in which the funded art piece/project has been featured and/or contributed.


Online Art Grant Submission Application:



Please note, this form is intended only for applying for an Art Grant.  An additional general “Call for Art” and participation will be announced shortly. Also, a venue visit and walkthrough opportunity is also currently being worked out and scheduled.  Stay tuned for exact date and time but expect a weekday evening very soon.


If there are any concerns, comments or questions about this process please send us a message at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Art Grants Committee

2014 Boston Decompression Planning Committee


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Heads Up: Decompression 2014 to Offer Art Grants!

Big news! The success of the Boston Decompression event in recent years has put this year’s planning committee in the position to be able to offer Art Grants! Look for details of the grant process and an open call for submissions at the beginning of next week. So get a head start on those ideas and dream big!

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Decompression 2014 Theme: The Lost City

Throughout human existence, our history and mythos have been filled with tales of legendary cities, built by once-great civilizations, now lost. Some, like the Lost City of Atlantis, have disappeared beneath the waves and into the murky ocean abyss forever, existing now only in legend. Others like Machu Picchu, the fabled mountain-top citadel of the Inca, were lost for centuries but have since been found! The lure of these lost cities is irresistible: In 1925, Percy Fawcett, one of the last Victorian-era explorers, marched into the thick jungle of the South American Amazon and vanished without a trace, driven by an obsession to find The Lost City of Gold - El Dorado. In our modern era, similar obsession brings tens of thousands of people to set out each year and build a vibrant metropolis in the harsh Black Rock desert of Nevada, only to have it lost again to the dust, leaving no trace, for another year.


What is it about these lost cities that fascinates us? That drives folklore and myth and legend and obsession? What possible meaning and relevance could these ideas have to our modern day civic existence, where economic blight, urban decay and civil unrest threaten our very own cities?


On Saturday November 8th, 2014, join us as we explore, discover, reclaim and reassemble these lost cities!  Together we will unravel the mysteries of the once-great civilizations that built them. Don your explorer's cap, polish up your trident and rustle up your spirit of adventure! Pack all that you'll need, but only what you can carry on your back and join us this night as we rebuild The Lost City!




Keep your eye on these communication channels for forthcoming announcements that will include a call for general event volunteers, calls for art, music and performance and more.


Yours in adventure,

The 2014 Boston Decompression Planning Committee

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